the ergonomic dynamic sitting forniture

Created according to physiological criteria, Vivavispa furniture offers a series of innovative features:

  • Multiple regulations
  • Adjustable to all sizes and ages
  • Dynamic sitting posture

A comfortable sitting posture depends obviously on the individual - this is the reason why our ergonomic chairs are equipped with an innovative system of regulation and adjustments that allows everybody to find a perfect balance between the back and the knees.

The height as well as the distance between the two seats can be regulated separately, and even while sitting you can change the inclination of the backseat - an exclusive feature that you won't find even in the famous and much more expensive brand-products.
Continuously changing the posture while seated allows a non-static sitting posture where the body remains active. In fact, recent physiological research suggests to adopt a dynamic-sitting posture in order to stimulate the subtle movement of the muscles and thus preventing the build-up of tension.

All our products are free of noxious substance and treated with natural oils.

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